Cooking Adventure in San Bartolo

Posted in December-January, 2015 by East Capers Periodico, issue 69, p. 20
Republished with permission of East Capers Periodico.

By: Renee Lagloire

Greetings from San Bartolo, BCS, Mexico where De-nise Elliott and Renée Lagloire have relocated Buen Provecho Mexican cooking and culture classes. In 2012, the two high school friends came to Baja, refur-bished a rented kitchen in La Paz, and held authentic Mexican cooking classes for two seasons. Their classes were very popular, but they realized their dream was to live and offer classes in a more rural setting, perhaps over time growing organic vegetables and building cabañas. And so they chose the beautiful oasis that is San Bartolo, bought a property with an orchard, and built a teaching kitchen using local talent and materials. The building was designed and executed by San Bartolo artist Robin Ray Stewart ( and a talented team of stone masons. Renée and Denise’s friend Holly Burgin
(East Cape Recycling Baja) was instrumental in helping them think through their needs and desires, and played an important role in planning the layout of the interior of the cook house. Much to Denise and Renée’s amazement, the project moved faster than anticipated, so they are able to offer their signature cooking classes starting November 22 from their new location in San Bartolo. Their third season will run until the beginning of March, with cooking classes scheduled Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Information and posted menus are available by phone

612-119-8034, e-m a i l, on their web page, with photos documenting the construction of the building available on Facebook “Buen Provecho Baja.”

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