Buen Provecho is Moving to San Bartolo

Posted in April-May, 2014 by East Capers Periodico, issue 67, p. 34
Republished with permission of East Capers Periodico..

By Renée Lagloire

Denise Elliott is a Chef and Renée Lagloire is an Anthropologist. Friends since high school, they have camped and traveled together for several decades. Over campfires, they mused about how much fun it would be to bring together their skills and offer cooking lessons that also included the history and cultural context for the ingredients in the recipes. So they founded Buen Provecho, offering authentic Mexican cooking lessons in La Paz. They have time, and so have their students! It was clear to both of them that they would “eventually” like to grow organic foods, and maybe have a few cabanas for rent. They looked around in various villages, and fell in love with the village of San Bartolo. Unexpectedly, they found a property and have announced that they will be moving to San Bartolo. While the gardens and other development of the land is part of a longer-range plan, they expect to start Mexican and other specialty cooking classes in January 2015. Renée and Denise can be contacted at: info@buenprovecholapaz.com.

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